Call for Paper - Metaverse and Cybersecurity in the Digital Economy


Cybersecurity concerns for Metaverse are challenging, even though this new technology continues to make waves due to its tremendous possibilities.

The world is preparing to investigate the Metaverse's potential. The digital platform is growing in popularity and offers enormous growth opportunities that transcend industry lines. Technically, metaverse refers to digitally interconnected universes that allow users to navigate virtual space using digital avatars.

In addition to vast expansion opportunities, the Metaverse raises legitimate privacy and data security concerns. Metaverse is constructed virtually. Thus, cybercriminals have numerous opportunities to hack the data for their benefit.

The Metaverse, which lies at the intersection of augmented reality and virtual reality, has the potential to transform the internet in unprecedented ways. Most technology giants are investing heavily to prepare themselves for the Metaverse, with social-media behemoth Facebook even renaming itself Meta.

Some of the risks faced by metaverse users are comparable to those faced by internet users, including phishing emails, data theft, and malware attacks. Nevertheless, the unique architecture upon which the Metaverse is built presents additional difficulties in the future. For instance, digital currencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are widely utilised in the Metaverse, and hackers may find these things appealing for hacking purposes.

Protecting users' virtual identities is an additional cyber security issue unique to the Metaverse. In addition, companies operating in the Metaverse must protect all sensitive data about online business transactions. It is the most critical step in ensuring the long-term viability of the Metaverse as a distinct business category.

Like the two-dimensional internet, security solutions for hardware and software will aid in the growth of the Metaverse. All sources and equipment in the Metaverse must detect threats and protect against the category's fundamental risks. To experience the immersive virtual world of the Metaverse, users require specialised hardware, such as smart glasses, VR headsets, etc. All these devices are essential for the optimal operation of the Metaverse, but in the absence of security mechanisms, they can become easy targets for hackers. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that all equipment has a superior safety and security features so that any unauthorised leaks can be prevented with absolute certainty.

The issue of intellectual property rights is also a significant obstacle, particularly in the virtual space. Policymakers and regulators must confront this issue head-on to ensure that users and organisations operating in the Metaverse are always protected and how to manage the Metaverse.

This special issue could be explored, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Cybersecurity and Privacy in the Metaverse
  • Cybersecurity Awareness of Technology Adoption
  • Privacy Protection in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption
  • The Risks of Cryptocurrency during the Digital Economy
  • Software Security and Trust
  • Security of the Applications in the Metaverse
  • Pros and Cons of Metaverse
  • Novel Theories Relates to Cybersecurity and Metaverse
  • Miscellaneous, Trust, Security, Privacy, and issues related to Metaverse



Guest Editor

Dr Supaprawat Siripipatthanakul (Dr Ake), PhD.

Adjunct Professor and Researcher at Asia eUniversity, Malaysia

Researcher at Manipal GlobalNxt University, Malaysia

Lecturer and Researcher at Bangkok Thonburi University, Thailand


Editor Assistance 1

Pongsakorn Limna, PhD Student

Digital Economy, Rangsit University, Thailand




Editor Assistance 2

Parichat Jaipong, DBA Student

Business Administration, Manipal GlobalNxt University, Malaysia



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